Hydro Excavation 

Drain Tile Inspection 

High Velocity Sewer Cleaning 

Video Inspection 

Pipe Thawing


Contact : Brian Christie 
Owner/ Operator 
Contact : Mitchell Thompson 
Manager/ Operator 

What We Do 

Hydrovac Excavation

The Hydrovac trucks combine the use of of high-pressure water and vacuum pumping to excavate various types of soils. This is is used for locating pipes, slot trenching, potholing, and removal of soil and silt from various locations. This method is less intrusive and is an excellent for locating existing fiber optic lines, high pressure gas lines and utility pipes without disturbing root systems or existing structures. Due to the system on the trucks we are able to do all this work leaving less mess and allowing for a more stable work enviroment.


We also perform services which include:

  • Exposing buried lines

  • Trenching & slot trenching

  • Piling holes

  • Silt and Soil removal from basements around delicate items such as gas and power lines and around hard to access locations. 

  • Cleaning out Manhole and other Sewer and Water infrastrcture.

Drain Tile Inspection & Video Inspecting 

The mobile camera allows for inspection of condition of pipes as well as any possible drainage issues in hard to see spaces without disturbing the enviroment. 

High Velocity Sewer Cleaning High Velocity Water Jetting is a procedure that will clear your drains quickly. By pushing a large amount of water through your pipes at a high pressure, it removes the buildup and blockages allowing water to drain out without getting hung up in the pipes.

Pipe Thawing 

Using hot water to thaw your frozen pipes.